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Giới Thiệu The story starts off when Cai Ling helps Dr Wan deliver a baby. Seeing the newborn baby looking so cute, she makes up her mind to work in a hospital where she can be near the maternity ward. She dcides to take up nursing so that she can be near babies when she graduates and becomes a full-fledged nurse. Never did she expect that a nursing career would lead to so many harrowing expriences... She meets new friends in the nursing school: Bu Bu who has a phobia for blood, Belle whose main purpose in joining the course is to find a doctor boyfriend, Jia Le the funnyman, Jian Hui and later, Xiao Lan and De Ji. At first, she is enemies with Xiao Lan, who cannot stand her happy-go-lucky ways, and De Ji because he always sticks with the former. As time goes by, they become firm friends. Until her internship in the hospital, Cai Ling and finds that she is the worst student of her cohort. She is also very klutzy and emotional. She makes friends with Gu Gu, a seior nurse and her mentor. She learns a lot from Gu Gu. Cai Ling is sent to work in the delivery room, which is her dream come true. She faces babies everyday and is happy to look after the newborns, until she encounters one who dies two days after he was born. She becomes very upset and decides to leave nursing
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